What is jungle survival?

It is not an island, desert, forest or ruin, but it seems that it contains everything. It seems to be peaceful, but it actually is filled with dangers. Survival of the fittest will bring you to another survival environment—XX wilderness.

Since you have watched Man v.s Wild for such a long time, it is time to break the screen and walk into the real wilderness that you have been yearning for it.

There is infinite possibility......

You will meet them by chance. If you are sufficiently intelligent and brave, they will become your food, but you need them to assist you to complete wild hunt.

This will bring you to the wonderful journey of realistic environment from the virtual world.

ou and your children will learn and master more ability of hunting in the wild through the wild experience.

This will be a process for you to contact with the nature at zero distance and contest with survival environment positively.

Jungle Survival Training


Left self-help ability and special training
Due to excessive favor of parents and the aged for children at ordinary times, children may rely on families excessively and cultivate a habit of mouth open for food and clothing to hand/ In the wild survival activity, our instructor will guide children to do by themselves, cultivate their ability to live independently, increase their sense of participation and responsibility, and let your children better integrate into a team.


Basic Training of Wild Survival Skills
Construct and manage camps, take water and find water, make a fire and cook, trace and sense, wilderness survival, tool making and utilization, biological identification, hunting and desert crossing, etc.


Real wild survival experience
They should look for food by themselves, cook by themselves, build a refuge, and cope with all kinds of experience brought by the nature. If you regard it as a journey, you are wrong. You may be on short commons, can't sleep well, become unaccustomed to the climate, become bitten by mosquitoes, etc. However, we are trained professionally, strictly and systematically, thus we will give you an unforgettable journey.
Our Guarantee

I.Expert team support

International Institute of security and defense senior instructor team, the security team for your escort. System science teaching methods so that you and your child can be at ease in the body of the desert to survive the journey.

II.Room and board support

We provide food were from survival instructors strict examination, ensure food safety; we provide accommodation through strict investigation, to prevent the assault, instructors will take turns to guard duty. We will to rigorous scientific attitude for each team member to provide food security.

Characteristic activity

Rich knowledge of outdoor survival and tenacious perseverance, overcome all difficulties and obstacles, the plight of the necessary conditions. By physical and mental training, and tap the potential of your courage and will, cultivate the spirit of hard-working, enhanced under the special environment of first-aid and self aid ability, field survival ability, high threat situation survival ability, ability to work under pressure my heart to bear ability, organizing and planning skills and teamwork ability is the meaning of our event. Final purpose is let each to participate in the course of children and parents are able to in every link of the whole trip to learn and to grow, an important life experience and experience accumulation.


A strong man is never afraid of a challenge.

We invite you to join us again in the battle of the man and the nature.

Activity introduction

Registration requirements:


Take the family as a unit

1, children participate in the age limit above the age of eight, independent in 14 years of age and above, with self-care ability.

2, the parents asked the body healthy and free from disease, have the ability to survive in the wild, organization and discipline and have the spirit of adventure. Registration: edit the text or add contacts micro letter solution details and handle relevant in procedures.

3, all participants need to attend college comprehensive assessment, qualified rear can make the trip.


Registration deadline:2016XX

Participate in the defense class and winter activities of the family priority application.

The father took the children to participate in the activities of priority registration.

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