Shi Yi

Security Defensive Expert

ISDC Senior Security Adviser

Operational President of Frontier Services Group in China Area


   Mr. Shi had been working in Internal Protection Bureau,Beijing Bureau of Public Security.He had been engaged in security protection works of Central essential units and solving important criminal cases for many years.At the same time,Shi worked as an security officer of China national aerospace key projects.In 2011,Mr. Shi was appointed as an overseas security expert by Commerce Department and China International Contractor Association ,joining to the consultation of overseas incidents and security training.As a main editor,participated in the writing of The Security Management Guidance of Overseas China Enterprises and People launched by Commerce Department.

So many times Mr. Shi had led consultation team went to high-risk countries such as those in Africa,Middle-East and Middle-Asia.With nearly 30 years security management experience,Shi especially experienced in solving criminal cases,protecting national key units,personage protection and individual protection.After retired,partly set up the ISDC.Appointed as board director,concluded a set of more practical lesson system by combining years of practical experiences with ISDC systematic training knowledge.


Academic Specialties


Security defense training,counter-terrorism training,risk management,overseas risk analysis management.

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