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International Security Defense College ISDCwas established in 2011, the headquarters is located in the shunyi district of Beijing, is China's first anti-violence & terrorism training college and also the only private anti-violence & terrorism training base to provide police training and open to the public.

ISDC mission: creating safe spaces, maintaining social harmony.

ISDC has a great expert faculty, the authoritative defense teaching system and professional simulation and training facility.

ISDC was established by the domestic and foreign many well-known police colleges Professor, counterterrorism specialists, security experts, ensuring the courses are professional, practical, accurate and pioneering.

ISDC training courses is divided by training object into: police purpose, and civil purpose and security purpose, providing counter-terrorism, and police works combat, and catch, and at bursting, professional police skills training for military and police at home and abroad, establishing risk management system and security solution programme for enterprises, providing campus security training for schools, providing life security and defense courses training for mass, and providing career skills training practitioners and the security industry practitioners.

ISDC international security training base covers an area of 350 acres, and it is planned to be accomplished through three phases of construction. The first phase of construction covered 30 acres with an area of 26000 square meters and it has been put into use. It is equipped with a wrestling Hall, gym, rock climbing, rappelling, military training areas, playground, fitness center, analog blocks, riot blocks, CQB training experience, training areas, public safety area, the crisis experience, archery Hall, weapons training area and clean hostel, spacious theory class to fully ensure the progress and implementation of all kinds of courses.

ISDC is committed to make up the military and police training, maintaining social stability, build the security barrier, protect and improve safety and quality of life of the community, leading the development of security industry standards.

Office areas, dining hall, private dining room, the gym, arena indoor venues, analog blocks, outdoor training ground, lecture classroom, presentation activity centre, dormitory, dormitory bathroom, college style, room, botanic Garden

School style


Training for special policemen:

  • 1. Training the ability of counter-terrorist and emergency treatment.
  • 2. Arresting skills
  • 3. Sniper training
  • 4. Explosive-removal skills.
  • 5. Anti-hijacking and anti-kidnapping training.
  • 6. Police instruments applications.
  • 7. Negotiation training (negotiating skills and criminal psychology analysis against hostage-taking criminals.
  • 8. Systematic, comprehensive and specific training in accordance with the characteristics of special policemen.
  • 9. Training for special policemen candidates before the entrance examination.
  • 10. Trainings for improvement of various competing subjects according to the competition items in the Special Policemen Contest held by Ministry of Public Security.
  • 11. Organize regional contest of monomial skills for national special policemen.
  • 12. Firearms applications in actual combat.
  • 13. Crucial and shock tactics training.
  • 14. Team searching tactics and emergency treatment.
  • 15. Inquiry and question.
  • 16. Body checking and escort.
  • 17. Quickly putting on handcuffs and taking away.
  • 18. Putting up checkpoints, cutting off and checking vehicles.
  • 19. Special driving training.
  • 20. Dealing with violent crimes.
  • 21. How to cope with the behavior of raiding police by violence.
  • 22. Urban anti-terrorism.
  • 23. Mass disturbance treatment.
  • 24. Response and treatment to riot.

Railway police training::

  • 25. Railway police service work in emergency handling skills training for the railway police during their service.
  • 26. Catching skills training against pickpockets for the railway police and special police.
  • 27. Training for the railway police on guard duty in the professional skills, VIP protection.
  • 28. Capture skills of railway police in controlling gangsters and preventing crimes.
  • 29. Pre-post skills training for new recruits to the railway police.
  • 30. Response to violence and terrorist attacks in railway station.

Air police training:

  • 31. Pre-service training for air police.
  • 32. Training in rotation for air police.
  • 33. Anti-hijacking training.
  • 34. Training for air police and security guards to control and combating with crimes in narrow and small space in cabin.
  • 35. Trainings in rotation for security guards in airlines.
  • 36. In-flight emergency crisis response training.
  • 37. Flight attendant security training.

Personal safety training::

  • 38. Personal security course
  • 39. Teaching you how to make your own bodyguard
  • 40. To increase your possibility of survival
  • 41. How to deal with violent terrorist attacks
  • 42. Security training for high net worth group
  • 43. Home security system
  • 44. Family security matters
  • 45. Trip security
  • 46. Travel security
  • 47. Stay safe
  • 48. Traffic safety
  • 49. Food safety on table
  • 50. Survival of the fittest
  • 51. Prevention of tracking and kidnapping and hijacking.
  • 52. To prevent sexual abuse
  • 53. Property management
  • 54. Privacy security. preventing personal information leaks
  • 55. Safe behavior habits
  • 56. How to avoid sports injuries
  • 57. Juveniles life safety courses
  • 58. Female security courses
  • 59. The elderly security guard courses
  • 60. Accident prevention
  • 61. Defensive driving training
  • 62. Trauma treatment and first aid
  • 63. Crime prevention and emergency response
  • 64. Survival skills in extreme weather
  • 65. Self help and response to natural disasters
  • 66. Rescue and evacuation
  • 67. Trauma treatment and first aid

School safety training::

  • 68. Campus security management
  • 69. Campus security equipment construction
  • 70. Response to violence and terror attack in campus
  • 71. Work instructions to campus security personnel
  • 72. Campus emergency drill
  • 73. Prevention and response to stampede in campus
  • 74. Self-rescue and emergency evacuation in fire disasters

Enterprises and groups security training:

  • 75. Establishment of security defense systems in hospitals.
  • 76. Establishment of security defense systems in banks.
  • 77. Establishment of security defense systems in enterprises.
  • 78. Group activities security.
  • 79. Transportation safety.
  • 80. Drugs monitoring and identifying.
  • 81. Fire safety training.
  • 82. Safety check training.
  • 83. Safety protection and emergency response in public places.
  • 84. Military training.
  • 85. Outdoor safety training.
  • 86. Overseas safety and risks management.
  • 87. Outbound security protection and anti-terrorism training.
  • 88. Guide to secure base construction abroad.
  • 89. Logistics security abroad.
  • 90. Crisis response beyond the borders.
  • 91. Rescue beyond the borders and evacuation.

Training of important personage security system:

  • 92.professional course of important personage;
  • 93.risk management.

Security training:

  • 94.Professional quality training of security company manage;
  • 95.Training of business skills training of security work;
  • 96.Security team construction and project management;
  • 97.Workplace safety management;
  • 98.Crowd control and management;
  • 99.Vital and key safety part management;
  • 100.Public staff movement safety management;
  • 101.Impression management of security personnel.

Maritime security training:

  • 102.Safety management of cruise and cargo vessel's marine navigation;
  • 103.Address and anti-robbery of emergency inside vessels;
  • 104.Training of responding to pirate attack.


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