Lu Qingxin

Lu Qingxin

Security Defensive Instructor

Training Department Secretary of ISDC

    Mr. Lu was formerly a professional free combat athlete and joined the International Security Defensive College in 2011 after retired. Lu is one of the first graduates of ISDC and holding the position of Training Department Secretary now.He has been involved in crisis handlings, hostage rescues and other works for many times;organized and implemented security works for many large-scale events;conducted arresting and anti-terrorism training for many military & police units.He has provided technical training for the eighth head team of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Iron Eagle commando instructors of the railway public security organs, and the Shanghai Special Police Corps instructors;provided security training for the Poly Group,ICBC and other enterprises;Lu has rich actual combat experience and training teaching experience.


Academic expertise/specialty: 

defensive technology teaching,combat&twisting of joints training,VIP protection,anti-riot&counter-terrorism training,security programme planning for large-scale events,overseas security training 

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