Li qian

Li Qian

ISDC security specialist

Served in Beijing garrison,responsible for handling Beijing major and catastrophic crisis.Worked at the Beijing public security corps after retired and was responsible for the security management of Beijing large events and key security units.One after another,Li worked at CapitaLand Limited(Singapore) and American Pinkerton security consulting firm as security majordomo and senior security manager.  

Joined the Ke xian an quan security consulting firm in 2012 as an operation manager,rich experiences in international advanced security&risk managing.Joined Zun’an risk management company in 2014 as a consulting majordomo.For many times,Li wen to overseas high-risk countries dealing with risk consulting work.Possessed nearly 20 years working experiences of public security,security and international risk management.Rich experiences in large events security planning,risk assessment,security prevention and security training.

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