Fang lichun

Fang Lichun

ISDC Security Specialist

Fang once served in forces as a scout and participated in Sino-Vietnamese self-defense counterattack.Fang entered into public security criminal investigation unit after retired;served as security chief inspector of Siemens(China)Co.,and responsible for the security&risk management work of all the personnel of the company.Fang once went to USA and Germany for the professional training of security&risk management as the first batch of China security leaner who accepts the professional training from the west.

Fang served as a senior executive of G4S in north China area,2011.He joined security company Ke xian an quan as a general manager in 2012.Mr. Fang worked at Zun’an risk management company as a general manager and chief risk consultant in 2012;possessed with over 30 years working experiences of public security,security and international risk management;once organized many times security consulting services of foreign important clients in many high-risk countries and regions;rich experiences in large-scale base security planing,VIP protection,security prevention and crisis handling under the circumstances of risk consulting and high risk.

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