Jiang Dawei

Jiang Dawei

Enrollment Center of ISDC

Vice President of Operations

Jiang Dawei,a missile major graduated from Ordnance Engineering College;enterprise management major graduated from Shenzhen graduate school of Beijing University;senior engineer;real estate marketing agent;Intelligent Building Manager; expert of the science of management ;real estate expert;communication expert; contracted lecturer of several institutes.Once worked as some senior executives at such firms as Savills,Guanghua Group(HK),Junlan International,China Travel Service(HK)Group Corporation and U.HOME. By comprehensively applying the model ideas of FPD,DTZ and CBRE,ServiceMaster,Jiang specializes in researching detail management in the process of security prevention management. With so many years of military and practical experiences,Jiang applies Combat Command,system engineering and management information technology to analyze and study practical management cases,to solve security management actual problems,to create a management model of quantitative target service performance so as to form systematic and integrated security curriculum,especially the intelligent security technology.


 Public security preventive management, potential safety hazard, safety prevention of common disasters, construction site safety precautions, intelligent safety precautions and management

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