Gao Yi

Vice President of ISDC Enrollment Center

Gao Yi,graduated from Northeast Normal University with Primary Education bachelor degree.Ms.Gao took further study of economic management after graduation.She founded firms in 2012 and engaged herself in finance and culture industry,leading those talents build business empire.In the industry,Gao firstly combined marketing strategy,brand promotion with enterprise planing and team execution perfectly.In 2014,Gao acquired Certified National second Class Counsellor for Marriage and Family,provided professional marriage counselling and civility guidance for  lots of females to raise their charisma and form harmonious family.

At the same time,as a famous business compere,conducted and planned several commercial meetings for enterprise organizations and social societies at Diaoyutai state guesthouse and other Five-star Meetinghouses,and for many times,specially made sodalities for enterprises to make famous and spread brand culture.



Business compering and planing; enterprise culture and management philosophy; project financing and corporate governance; strategic marketing; team construction; marriage counselling 

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