Chen Ge

The President of Enrollment Center to ISDC

Chen Ge,likes wushu and free combat from a very young age,graduated from a university of Navy Forces;during his position of head of P.E. department,he actively participated in all kinds of club activities,acquired group first prize of Dalian College Students Sports-meeting.After graduation,Chen worked at a National key military enterprise engaged in armaments R&D,maintenance and producing.For many times,Chen joined the equipment support of ten thousand tonnage ships,submarine, successful trial at sea and striking Somali pirates,which were attached great importance by Forces leaders and praised.Chen replanned his career in 2009 and devoted himself to finance fieldchanges boring exchange models into interesting works and guarantees the profit maximization.Hundreds of excellent proprietary traders were led and developed by him.Chen discussed with several quoted companies in capital operating and ever organized large meetings,marketing planing to creates extraordinary performance.  


marketing planing; team construction; brand promotion; strategic management.

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