Li Hongqi

President of the Enrollment Center to ISDC

Li graduated from Nanjing College of Politics and took further study of EMBA at HSBC Business School of Beijing University.As a sophisticated entrepreneur devising strategies within a command tent,Li has a strong leadership and unique view of finance,he set up several exchanges across the country and created many kinds of transaction mode.With rich industry experiences,Li accumulated unique marketing concepts ,accurate and practical strategies focusing on hot spots of finance and business at home and broad.Li researches finance and economics,raised over 1,000 professional managers and traders.Li has a great wisdom and iron nerves with a highly sensitive to the Internet.With unique views,explanation,and plans,Li becomes a leader of creating values.

At the same time,Li is a charitarian with a combination of wisdom and wealth.He launched and organized many charity activities and did donation for poor schools,lonely elders and left-behind children.


Specialty :

managerial economics ; capital market ; wealth management ;project investment and financing decision ;international enterprise management ;international trade and finance;innovation management and global manufacturing  

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