Gao Aihua

Counsel/Psychological counsellor at the Enrollment Center of ISDC

Graduated from Jilin University,once held the position of teacher of law of marriage;currently holding the office of enterprise trainer and Beijing Zhong’he Psychological Institute guest lecturer;the first class and second level Certificate of the PUTONGHUA SHUIPING CESHI;national second Class Counsellor for Marriage and Family;national second class psychological counselor.

Created Beijing Bo’ai Fang’yuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd as an executive director in January 2015,focusing on married family consultation(emotionally and legally) and enterprise team construction training.Gao has a unique measure in marriage consultation,emotion consultation,relationship fixing and marriage related legal rights maintaining.Her point-to-point problem-solving pattern solved all kings of difficult troubles appeared in marriages,helped many clients do professional marriage consultation to raise their charisma,give them sweet love and keep their family in harmony.Ms.Gao is emotional in life,rational in analyzing future and intellectual in enjoying life,to unscramble the soul code and light up a wise life.


 Marriage consultation ; psychological consultation; relationship fixing; marital rights maintaining; enterprise team construction  

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