The query specification


1. Choose the test time --- Enter one province for registering for examination – Choose test level;

2. Input your examination card number, name, and ID number which is the same as the number you used for registration of examination (You have to input at least two items aforesaid, and the certificate number is case sensitive) ----then click the query button;

3. If the input information is correct, the corresponding test certificate information will be listed on the next page.

4. The blue font content of operation steps on a page presents where query you are.

The query for Employer

ID number:
Input validation code:
Note: You can query when you input any two of above items.

The query for students

Please select the certificate type:
Level of qualification:
Please input your name:
Please input the ID number:
Input validation code:
Enrollment/Defense of Security Officers Enrollment/Defense of Security Officers