Safety is the premise of life, and life safetysummer camp aims at true cases to make you feel breathtaking although you don'tsee blood, alert and witty although you are not a spy, and successfully avoid risk without exerting violence; the camp reproduces and analyzes cases to make you experience and master safety awareness and improve coping capacity, International Security Defensive College pays attention to the safety of you and your family and creates a safe living space for you!

Teach you to be your own bodyguard

Children face different problems and undergo various dangers during their growth. So they often have the following problems: lack attitude of gratitude, poor self-care ability; self-centeredness, stressing personal feeling when handling affairs, incapability to cooperate with others; think they understand many things, close their ears to the instruction of parents, begin to be reluctant to communicate with parents; be unable to bear hardships, be easy to give up, adore vanity; inattention during usual study, be short of power, poor executive ability, do not know why to study, declined performance; avoid a difficulty, be reluctant to shoulder the responsibility, have no courage to face failure; be afraid when handling affairs, be coward, often be bullied, behave unconfidently; weak self-protection awareness, readily believe others, do not know modes and methods of self-protection…
Price: ¥9,800 per person

I. Training aims of summer camp

1. Train super little heroes, and help children improve their self-protection awareness and grasp self-protection methods and techniques; 2. Learn to be grateful, develop good living habits, and train independent living skills; 3. Train team awareness and cooperation ability of children; 4. Broaden horizons, improve self-cognition, and feel grateful to parents; 5. Experience army life, perceive the hardship of life, and improve survivability; 6. Learn the methods to face school violence and cope with violent terrorist attack; 7. Strengthen self-confidence, resist frustration, improve problem-solving capability, and dare to play; 8. Improve the ability to cope with natural disaster and field survival.

II. Objects of activity:

Class of kids aged 6 to 12; class of teenagers aged 12 to 16; classes are openedfor different ages, and each class recruits 20 to 30 people.

III. Site of activity:

IV. Time of activity

The first phase: July 13 to 19; the second phase: August 3 to 9; the third phase: August 17 to 23

V. Charges

RMB 9,800 per person (excluding tax, pay taxing point if you need invoice)
Including tuition, fare, landmark ticket, prop, equipment, articles for daily use, meal fee, lodging fee, premium, clothing cost, photo collecting and video production.

Activity details
09:00—09:30 Register, get clothing, sign in by parents, and assign lodging
09:30—10:00 Opening ceremony
10:00—10:30 Departure of the parents
10:30—12:00The instructor announces discipline, safety precautions and dormitory administrative regulations during the camp.
12:00 lunch
12:30—14:00 Afternoon nap
14:00—15:00 Team construction, military training experience
15:00—17:00 Troop cultural study, military training experience, group athletics
18:00—20:00 Make concerted efforts (teamwork, cooperation, concept training)

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